Saturday, February 7, 2009

Motherly Confessions

I like to make things easy on myself. The easier the better. And while I may have a thing for baby clothes, Scrunch is forming her own opinions. I knew that this would happen.

I expected the four year old flip of the hair attitude with an "Ewwwwww! Mo-om. I am not wearing that." That is better than nothing (such a mom thing to say), but not according Miss Independence. Apparently clothes are... like, so passe. Gosh, mom. You're like, so old. Clothes were so last week.

And so Scrunch has ditched wearing them. She's figured out how to get her shoes, socks, diapers, and pants completely off. The diaper proved a bit of a challenge since it is meant to be held securely in place, and comes in two pieces. But this kid does not back away from a challenge. Last night she even took it off under her jammies and woke up with it in her pant leg.

OK. Thank you. Easier for me. We (she) is now on day two of cranking up the thermostat and hanging out mostly nekid (That's how Holly says it). It is easier for me to pinch those cute little baby butt cheeks. Easier to wipe off peanut butter and jelly. Easier to wipe off most of anything. Even painting Valentine's had to be a little bit easier nekid.

Mostly I don't mind. I'll make her put some clothes on before she hits kindergarten. But this winter season, nekid is the new black.


Anonymous said...

Where are the pictures you said would be with this post...You know the ones of her painting?

Casey said...

LOL! Too funny! she might change her mind about clothes if you lived in Utah were it's freezing!

cambridgeclan said...

Catherine must have given little miss some tips at her birthday party because she spent a few weeks very scantly clothed. Just a week or two ago I started to convince her that it is worth putting clothes on for the park. Good luck with this one when your trying to go to the grocery store on a cold morning and she refuses to wear anything more than a onesie. It is all fun.

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