Thursday, February 5, 2009

This is where we part ways.

Dude. What was up with Blogger yesterday? Anyway...

Raise your hand if you watch House. Uh, yeah. Pretty much everyone and their mother is standing in front of their computer with their arms in the air. Please put some deodorant on. You can sit down. Get comfortable. This is going to take a minute.

Just in case you live under a rock... Lisa Cuddy has adopted a baby girl! The first few episodes I admit I was all teary eyed and I planning my I *heart* adoption tattoo. But not now. This is where we officially part ways. It's going to be a painful breakup seeing as Hugh Laurie is the 'other man' at our house. Season 5 Episode 13 you got it all wrong! So wrong.

I know I shouldn't take it personally, but it's hard not to. Part of how I measure my success as a mother is how adoption is viewed in my house. If you think you've got problems with media influences raising a daughter in this world, you do. Join the club.

Now conversations on adoption with people get to start with "Well, I saw on House...." Ugh! Seriously. It's a medical drama for entertainment purposes only. If it's going to shape and influence your opinions about what to expect next time you develop a cold, are diagnosed with lupus, or heaven forbid how you raise your kids you are dumber than I thought. That being said these are just the highlights on where the writers and producers on House and I have a difference of opinions. And I have to tell you, this is very disappointing. They usually do such a good job researching. How could they have gotten this all so wrong?

- Adoption is not about who has the most money, best job, deepest neckline, etc. Why is Lisa Cuddy more qualified than the birth mom? Because she isn't a teenager? Oh, then I guess you didn't know that not all birth mothers are 16 year old girls. Some are. Ours wasn't. And neither were most of the people's that I know that have actually adopted and not just watched one on t.v. Adoption isn't about age, qualifications, job status, any of that. Adoption is about providing a family, complete with mom and dad.

- I just loooove the fact that the amount of time, energy, let alone WHO would be raising this child was never even considered. That's sarcasm in case you missed it. I recently read a statement that the average person spends more time planning and decorating a nursery when preparing for a baby than they do learning and acquiring parenting skills. Hey! News flash. And you don't even have to read a book for this one! Yelling and screaming at the 11 week old kid to just tell you what they want doesn't necessary work. If you're about to come uncorked, put the baby in a safe place and leave the room.

- This brings me to WHO exactly is going to be raising this child? If I were married to one of the writers on this show we would be having a serious sit down conversation. What the hell do you expect from me?!?!? Listen ladies. If you think you can have a clean house, high-stress high-powered medical career, be the perfect mother, not get runs in your hose and keep your body looking like what is depicted on this show, Costco is going to have start selling Costco sized bottles of antidepressants. And be prepared to fill them 24/7. You are a HUMAN woman. There is no way you're going to keep this all together. I'm not saying you can't be all of these things, but I would not recommended being them all at the same time.

- Your baby needs YOU. Enough said.

- The fact that she is not feeling overly maternal at this stage may or may not have anything to do with adoption. And it just bugs me it became part of the show. There is so much crap out there about "attachment issues". Yeah, they are real. But biological parents often feel the same way. If genetics is all that is required for a mother to be loving, tender, and caring then explain to me child abuse? Cuz, that happens to. Maybe she just doesn't enjoy the newborn stage? You don't just give babies back. And talking about returning them to the pound is not funny.

- Children are not puppies. It's okay to say, "Puppies are cute. I think I'll get one." It IS NOT okay to say, "Babies are cute. I think I'll get one". I think the thing that bugged me most about the whole scenario is the overwhelming feeling that I got was "I want! I want! I want!" How about what is best for a child? Could we consider that for just the tiniest milli-second, and then pretend to give a damn? You know what I want? I want a lot of things. Guess what? No one gives a crap what you want. Buck up lady. You better get used to it because if you want to be a mommy you're going to be doing a lot of things for the rest of your life that you don't really want to do.

Yeah, so in one sentence...This was not my favorite episode. On a lighter note, my hair fit into a pony tail this morning and Scrunch just brought me her crayons. We are going to be doing less watching t.v. and more coloring.


Matt said...

I so agree with you Yannette! Matt and I watched that episode last night, and I even turned to Matt a couple of times and told him biological parents have the same issues, and if she cares about this child so much, she should take a different position. I hated the last scene when they made her look so torn, when she could have other options then go back to that job...anyway, totally disappointed. And we watched this weeks on TV already, it's not much better. --Christa

mom said...

Tom and I also raged about that episode; I concluded it could be a good scenario to air in favor of two parent families AND mommies who will sacrifice for the family need. Wilson touched on that, but said it as though it was almost too cliche to acknowledge.

Also, it is sometimes difficult for women to admit some ages are better then others. Infants were never my favorite stage either...

Anonymous said...

Amen, Yannette. House has been very disappointing the past ten or so episodes, which is a shame because it was a really good show. Mom and I have decided why watch House when we can watch Burn Notice. Burn Notice is better anyway.

Holly said...

Oh my holy CRAP!!

Marti said...

You are going to be more disappointed knowing I don't even watch House, maybe the last few minutes since it is before 24!

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