Friday, February 6, 2009

You might be sorry you asked.

Both appointments went exactly as planned. Here is your paperwork. Sign here. We need this filled out. You'll need these signed too. Get this filled. Take this. We'll see you at your next appointment.

Uh, thanks.

On the one hand it does mean we are starting THE paperwork again. On the other it just means we dust off the ovulation kits and pregnancy tests. Last time I saw them Scrunch was trying to stuff everything under the sink into the toilet.

Tell your friends. Tell your hairdresser. And your dog groomer's cousins daughter. We will soon be looking for our baby.

On the upside,
I take secret pleasure in catching people off guard with remarks they never see coming.

Unsuspecting MA (Medical assistant)- "So you're here for a fertility consult?"
Me- "Uh-huh."
MA- "Have you been trying for at least a year?"
Me- "Uh-huh."
MA- "Are you using birth control?"
Me- "Nope. Seems to be built in."

Serves her right.

This time things are different. I want more children, but if it doesn't happen for a while, Scrunch is enough. I just want her to remember that she was always enough. What I can't get enough of? Banana splits. Third day in a row that I'm having one. That is what gets me through the day- Scrunch and banana splits. And sometimes we dance to Abba while eating a banana split.

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