Wednesday, June 11, 2008

#1 Guy

My husband is a #1 Guy. Not to brag, but...okay to brag a lot...he's the best husband a girl could wish for. As far as the marital good husband point scales go, they are definitely tipped in his favor. Take yesterday for example.

I was getting dinner ready and I realized that I didn't have all of the ingredients I needed. Dang it. Just after work is not the time to run to Trader Joe's, but it had to be done. Husband walks in the door as I say, "Here. Hold this." passing Little Miss to him before he can set his stuff down and I run out the door as I call back "Oh yeah, and could you feed the dogs." Fifteen minutes later I'm back home unloading my bag and trying not to bag making dinner all together. My language has now progressed to Damn it. I totally forgot the entire reason I went to Trader Joe's in the first place. But I got Popsicles! I was a little disoriented going in the store having just being missed by mere centimeters by a 4x4 racing for a parking spot. Jerk. Now I'm really done with the concept of dinner. I'm starving. I know husband is starving and there is no substitution for milk. This is one and only time where having powdered milk in food storage might have come in handy. I'm about to go for the car seat so we can have Baja Fresh for dinner when John says, "I'll go." Not ten minutes later he comes back with the missing ingredient- Ranch dressing and a bouquet of flowers. How nice is that?

He's #1 in my book. And now that Little Miss has ditched Louie (what we named her pacifier), he's #1 in her book too. Just kidding. He was always at least tied for #1 with the pacifier. Okay, just kidding again. This picture proves that her Papa will always be #1.


Anonymous said...

You ditched Louie?! How has that gone over? Kensley loved her louie, heck when she is sleeping in my room I like The idea of Louie in the middle of the night.

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

I didn't ditch Louie. She 'kicked him to the curb'. She wants nothing to do with him. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

Anonymous said...

It is probably because she is such a big girl that she is ready to eat hard food rather then suck on her pacifier.

And that picture screams "yes this is fun but we could have even more fun by going to see Auntie-M."

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