Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just when I thought the news could not get more depressing...

Where is that bottle of Valium I had for my root canal? Dang it! I can't find it. But I've got Chevy's (the psychotic pissed off cat) homeopathic anti-anxiety elixir. How much of this stuff am I going to have to drink to prevent my stroke? Read this story. The blood pressure is through the roof. NOT OKAY PEOPLE! As one of my favorite shock jock radio personalities says, "We are headed to hell in a handbasket on a rocket ship!" And if I don't do something to mellow out (and quick), I'm going to beat you all there.

I'm outta here. I'm going to get a pedicure. That will help. Except that since this morning's post all I can picture is my cute little Thai pedicure pal in a Speedo. Ugh!


Natster said...

what these girls need is a good dose of babysitting some of my little cousins!!!!!!!!!!!! Kenzie, my sister, had this little doll that she had to carry around for school that "acted" like a real baby. It cried, pooped (blue goo), woke her up in the night etc... Kenzie was a little cranky that weekend because she didn't get any sleep from this doll. Maybe we should donate some of these dolls.. it seemed to make an impact of the kids in Kenzie's class. :) Good luck with the pedicure!

Holly said...

I'm speechless....that is just...well, we'll talk about it later I'm sure. eat the valium and take a nap.

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