Sunday, June 1, 2008

Are you going to eat that?

It must be a guy thing. That's what I've been told. Jump into almost freezing cold crashing waves to swim out into the shark infested ocean to then dive into the deep, risking drowning and hypothermia, to come up with some nasty-looking, slimy, snail creature- and that's if you're lucky.

For those of your who have ever thought to yourselves "that John kid is kind of nerdy". Well, take that. Does it get any more manly than bringing home dinner?

Memorial Day does not only mark the date that I can wear white pants, but it also marks the day when it become almost tolerably warm on the Northern California coast to plan weekend trips to harvest these little sea snails. Next time we'll be going with.

Meet Our Dinner.

It's pretty tasty stuff. What's not to love about any seafood sauteed in garlic and butter? And at forty dollars a pound you pretend to like it even when you don't.

Meet our friend Dave who's new favorite hobby is diving with John.

Meet one of my favorite people in the world. Oh wait, she refused to let me take a picture. But Little Miss is also one of my favorite people in the world. Ang is holding her and Little Miss is very happy about that.

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