Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flavor of the Day

Do all kids grow up? Where do I get a baby that will stay my little girl forever? Mine doesn't want to do that. She insists on getting closer to being "A big girl" every day. I've been reluctant to start solid foods with Little Miss, even though she's been ready for a couple of weeks. Maybe it's because to her I'm still a gourmet cook. Even I can add formula to water.

Since she insists on growing up and there's nothing I can do about it, this morning we took the plunge. But not until after a significant amount of preparation.

- Baby is at least 4 months old, at least 13 lbs., and eating more than 32 oz. of formula per day. Check.
- Medical clearance from pediatrician. Check.
- Read Super Baby Food cover to cover. (Or at least skim most of the pages.) Check.
- Appliqué bibs. Check.

-Purchase high chair, cute colored bowls, brighter colored spoons, and a fresh supply of locally grown organic produce. Check.

- Make husband wake up to take pictures. Check. (Sorry about the lighting. Breakfast comes early around here.)

Are we ready? No one is more ready than Jedi.

And the flavor of the day- Avocado.

I guess without the tomatoes, cilantro, onion, jalapeños, lime, and salt, guacamole isn't that great.

I hope it's an acquired taste because we can't try something different for at least four more days. And one of mommy's favorite foods is guacamole.


Crazy Me... said...

Never fear, it takes at least 10 tries for some babies to decide whether or not they like a food. Just keep trying...besides, it could have gone a lot worse. Trust me, so much worse! :)

PS- I love the bib- so cute!

mousemovie said...

Wanna guess how sorry I feel for you about having Little Miss grow up so fast... Like Mother, Like Daughter. You get more than four years though....

Plain Avocado??? (Sigh) Send her down to Gramps, we'll introduce her to natures most perfect food... Bacon!

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