Saturday, June 28, 2008

For the Last Time!!

My husband likes to give me a hard time about some things. Most recently it is about our daughter being bald. As I have said before, you cannot be bald and have a part. I know he only says it to get a reaction out of me, which it does. I have resorted to telling him that they have the same haircut. But of course, he doesn't react. For the last time...MY BABY IS NOT BALD!!! To prove a point I used his expensive hair gel to spike her hair. (The flower is just so nobody mistakes her for a boy). If you're asking 'don't you have anything better to do than to mess around with your kid's hair and pose her for pictures'? Uh, not really.

Last week at church some lady made the comment "Oh, she looks just like her daddy." Totally cracked me up. If you know anything about her race/ethnic background the last person on the planet you'd expect her to look like is John. Does she look like Handsome Husband? I don't know. Maybe. Sometimes. But she definitely smells like him. It's the gel.


Anonymous said...

She isnt anything short of perfect just like evryone says! What a doll!!

Crazy Me... said...

So So So Cute! That is going to make an adorable scrapbooking page!

Fred and Char said...

Your "poses" of little miss are so adorable. She is so cute and not bald. Kallee was bald. Baby of the Year that's for sure.

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