Friday, April 4, 2008

You Can't Be Bald and Have a Part

When I met our birthmom I was so excited. About a lot of things really. The first thing I said to John when I saw her walking towards us was "John, Our birthmom is hot!" She has thick beautiful hair like my sister. And when Little Miss was born it was dark and a little wavy. It was perfect. I was excited that our baby would look like Hallie Kate Eisenberg, and since then it has fallen out and is changing color. WHAT? Then my friend Angela told me about a dream that she had that Little Miss' hair turned red! And then my husband, in a moment of brilliance said something about our little bald baby. OH YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT! Because of the reaction he got from me, he says it all the time. Even going so far as to when we saw Vantage Point (this movie about a presidential assassination) I was putting Miss in the car and when we were ready to go I said something about the "Eagle has landed" and he said, "you mean BALD Eagle". Not nice. Not nice at all.

I think it is some deep seeded childhood fear I have that my baby will be bald. I have reason for it. My parents, in their infinite wisdom, thought shaving my head when I was little would make my hair grow back thicker. Um no. That is an old Mexican wives tale. I just didn't have hair until it was like four. In fact, I'm going to go so far as to say my hair has never recovered. I have a lot of it, but it is anything but thick. My sisters on the other hand have some of the thickest most beautiful hair ever. Were their heads shaved? I think not.

So in order to prove a point (mostly to my Handsome Husband) I have started parting her hair. You can't be bald and have a part.


Mothership said...

Oh my girl you are so funny.And by the way you have gorgeous hair!!! I heard about that shaving your head when you were little, that had to cause some trauma. Little miss has the perfect amount of hair for her age and a beautiful head. Thanks for the encougement on the puppy I would love to carry it in a sling. And I say any age is perfect for a pot belly pig. I love it!!

clintandnat said...

I think you are hilarious! I personally have always envied your hair. Yes- it is true, especially in 9th grade when we took those lovely photos at kiddie candits!

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