Friday, April 11, 2008

I've Been Tagged

This is for Naomi, and Andrew, and Bryson, and Catherine. Oh, and Levi. She's the one that inspired some of my greenness (but I still wear cosmetics, some probably have been tested on animals, and I love beef- the rarer the better), converted me into a whole hearted home birth supporter (which only means that as a nurse if you want to do it, I say "go for it", but I've never done it myself), and officially kicked Doritos out of our diet. We love them! The Cambridges I mean, not the Doritos. They crack us up. Whenever we show up at the door one of the boys yells "Yes! John's here! Now we can wrestle!" See what I mean about bad example? We show up as close to bedtime as we can get, and rile them up. I also taught them a few choice phrases their mom is still trying to repair. They also are famous at our house for saying some of the funniest, most insightful things I've ever heard. And did I mention they are seven and four?

These are some of my favorites.

- I was hanging out with the boys while their Mom recovered from delivering Catherine, and the subject of babies came up. Bryson asked me about when I'd have a baby and Andrew tells him, "John and Yannette don't have babies. They have dogs!" :)

- Last year they very sweetly invited us over for Easter dinner. And wouldn't you know it, the Easter Bunny found us there. Knowing that we had started our adoption paperwork, Naomi had put some little white socks in our Easter Basket. When Bryson saw them he exclaimed, "Look! Puppy socks!"

- I was invited to watch Catherine be born, and as I mentioned, Naomi delivers at home, so I was excited. I had to work the day she went into labor, but hurried as fast as I could and flew down the freeway from Dixon in 30 minutes! By the way, that's very fast if you know where we live in comparison to Dixon. I arrived just as her head delivered and the cord was still attached. I came in the door and Bryson runs to the top of the stairs and yells "Hurry Yunet! (which is what he adorably calls me) and at the top of his lungs, "WE ARE WAITING FOR THE PLACENTA!" Later in the kitchen he explained to me that "the white yucky stuff is vernix." Did I mention he's four?

- One day while we were playing outside and digging in the grass Bryson looks up at me and says "You know Yunet...some people, who are nurses, have babies that grow in other people's tummies." I was totally blown away and asked if his mommy had been talking to him about adoption. He looks up at me and says, "no, I just know it." I later asked Naomi about it and she says they'd never even talked about it. See what I mean about insightful?

- Andrew calls John's telescope a "moonscope." Cute.

I could go on and on. They have been good friends to us and very good examples. And so, for her, I will go along with being tagged. It's green because she's the "Greenest" girl I know.

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1. I love Elvis Presley!
2. About a year ago we kicked MSG, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial colors out of our diet. (For the most part. Unless Husband does the shopping, which he rarely does, for that reason.)
3. I have never been to a formal high school dance. No Prom, no Preference. Nothing. I still turned out O.K. I think.
4. I got married on a Thursday.
5. I have wedding pictures on a tractor.
6. I have had so many pets I can't even remember all of them, or their names.
7. My greatest regret in life is quitting the violin.

Tag. You're it....Jessica, Holly (haha!), Dad (double haha!), Christa, Natalie, Charlene, and Rachel! And I know how to count, but Diana too.

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cambridgeclan said...

Thanks. That was so fun to read and remember all of the things the boys have said. I think it was Bryson that insisted that the socks were for the dogs, but does it really matter? Thanks for playing along.

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