Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Who'd Have Thought...

I'm not all tough talk and spewage. There is another side to the Mayor. You just have to stick around long enough to see it. So in honor of a softer side, I thought I might share this with you. I found some journal entries from a few years ago while I was packing.
November 9, 2002

It wasn't until we were in Doctrine and Covenants that I realized the significance of this verse. D&C 36:2. The discussion concerned realizing and fully understanding who we are sons and daughters of God as well as our eternal potential. The verse reads, "And I will lay my hand upon you by the hand of my servant Sidney Rigdon, and you shall receive my Spirit, the Holy Ghost which shall teach you the peaceable things of the kingdom." In this verse Edward Partridge is told that he will receive a blessing from Sidney Rigdon. "His" hand will be placed upon him through his servant. Brother Perkins made a deeply touching comment. "My child, I wish I could be with you but right now I can't." That moved me so much and still to think about it makes me get a lump in my throat....Only a few days earlier I took my Home Teachers by surprise by asking them to give me a blessing. They gave me a blessing of extreme comfort. I was seeking counsel and advice and what I received was a surety that God loved me and heard me. That's all that was said. "Yannette. KNOW that your Father in Heaven loves you." It sounds horrible to say, but I was seeking more than that. Not until a few days later did the power and meaning of that blessing reach me. "My child, I wish I could be with you. But right now I can't." His desire to be with us is great. He loves us that much.

If you've been reading my blog and you're surprised to find an entry like this, well I'm not surprised. Sometimes (especially when it comes to my feelings on the Church) I surprise even myself. I'm no Mo-mo (Molly Mormon). If you are, good for you. You're probably further on in your progression than I am. Nothing against you, but you probably wouldn't like me very much.

It is no secret that I say damn, hell, and ass as part of my regular vocabulary. On occasion and if the situation warrants it, I also have back up phrases that are pretty common. I also have a tendency to speak my mind and be VERY firm in my positions. That probably also qualifies me as stubborn. I don't feel like you have to be friends with everyone. Maybe that makes me a snob.

But when it comes down to it, there really is another side to me. I really do try to live my beliefs the best I can. Who'd have thought?

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kiddo - you know, that is exactly my point to what I wrote. I know it struck a bad chord with you but my point is that God DOES love us, hear us, care deeply about us and IS with us. That is exactly the God I love and respect and not the way he is depicted in the OT. Im glad you had that experience, and believe it or not, I know thats the way God is. It just pisses me off when he is depicted otherwise. You come by the spewing honestly too kiddo. :) I respect that you make no apologizes for who you are and what you believe. Passion in life beats the hell out of Prozac even when its ranting - so enjoy the passion and keep being who you are.

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