Monday, April 14, 2008

Knitting Journal

One of the hazards of knitting (actually any hobby really) is that you get all fired up about a project, then another, then another, and another. And pretty soon you've got multiple projects going on at once. It doesn't take long before you can't remember what was done with what and what size needles were used. The big thing right now in knitting is having a knitting journal. I don't need one more notebook to carry in my project bag so I'm using my blog to do it instead. Which kind of sucks for you who think knitting is boring because then you'll think my blog is boring too. Oh well.

Date Started: November 2007- Thanksgiving at my in-laws. Then I lost the pattern so it was put on hold knowing I put it somewhere safe and then forgot where that was. But I knew I'd find it someday. :)
Date Finished: April 12, 2008
Pattern: Plymouth Bella Colour Toddler Jumper
Yarn: Bella Colour
Brand: Plymouth
Fiber Content: 55% Cotton, 45% acrylic
Yardage: 104
Weight: 50g
Gauge: 41/2 sts =1”
Needle: 7 24 in. Circular

Also completed were the fabric blocks- made with Monkey N Around fabric line. (Which matches a quilt her Grammy is making.) They need to be shaped a little more so they are more square. I added ribbon loops so that they could hang on her play gym and link together with rings.


Byran & Diana said...

Those blocks are so cute. You are so creative. Good luck on future projects.

Mothership said...

I love the dress so so beautiful, and the blocks your are killing me you are so Mrs Craft, I guess that makes John Mr Craft :) I took the what flower are you and posted it also, thanks that was fun.

Fred and Char said...

I admire anyone who can knit. I tried to knit a sock for Nat's husband. Four needles and lots of unpicking. I am proud to say I did that. Maybe I'll do another one.

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