Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Traveling Circus

A few years ago I asked John to take me to the circus for my birthday. And like the kind husband he is, he granted my wish. We ditched school and work and drove down to see Barnum and Bailey's Circus. It was one of the most awesome things I've ever paid money to see!

Today I decided we are a lot like a traveling circus. I am the balancing act. (I also asked for a hula-hoop that year). Today was my debut. I handled my first performance rather well I'd say. I had Chevy (our cat) on one arm, the diaper bag on the other, and Little Miss in the middle (cozy in her sling), as we trekked to the vet. Since Chevy decided to start peeing blood yesterday we decided that first thing this morning we'd haul our show over there.

Next was the tire place, because of course we would have a flat tire today. Again, not bad. Diaper bag on one arm, Little Miss in the middle (again in her sling) and laptop on my lap. I needed to finish up some charting from yesterday.

Last but not least on our list of performances was Costco. This one was cake. We've performed here lots of times! Little Miss in the sling (as always) and the cart up front. It seemed to be going pretty smoothly until uh oh! Where is my cell phone? I am expecting a VERY important call today and I don't have my cell phone. As I start to panic, Little Miss swoops in to the rescue. No one dropped the ball on this one. Little Miss had it covered. Literally. I found it by calling it with my other cell phone. I wish I had my camera to capture the look on her face when my cell phone started to vibrate underneath her. After doing my best to find something I didn't really need at Costco, I only came home with what was on my list. At the recommendation of my Grandma I had to pick up my copy of A New Earth in honor of Earth Day. I almost completely missed Earth Day today!

Our final performance will be this evening as I attempt to get dinner on the table, Little Miss bathed and ready for bed, all while getting to the airport in time to pic up my sister. Aunt-Eee will be here the next few days for a visit.

Not bad, eh? I have a feeling this is my new calling in life. Only trouble is that all this balancing takes concentration which zaps your energy and leaves you a little ditsy at times. I noticed this side effect when I went to pour myself a glass of Almond milk and grabbed the carton of chicken broth instead. What can I say? I'm still new at this.


Mothership said...

So my question is where do you get your energy? I would really like some advise on this subject. cute pic by the way. tell Erica we need her to start a blog I would Love to know what she is up to..

Mothership said...

What did the vet say is wrong with Chevy? How is he doing? mmmm I love almond milk.

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

The vet says a lot of things could be wrong with him so to cover him the poor guy was given fluids and an injection. He'll also be getting antibiotics, some capsules, another dropper full of some homeopathic anti-anxiety concoction, and in few days de-worming. If he didn't hate me before he's going to now.

Crazy Me... said...

I am praying for ya....hahahahahahahahahahahaha ;)

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

Good, because I lite candles on a regular basis for you...who's your Patron Saint? :)

Miquela said...

I second the Motion of Erica getting a blog. She is the only one in our family that doesn't have one. She says she is going to get one on Thursday. Yannette it is you mission to make sure she does. Look what you have started, a blogging epidemic.

jez_ika said...

This made me laugh.
The first day Erica and I came to see you, you had managed to get your cell phone stuck in some crazy part of the car.
And I know your costco trip could not have been nearly as exciting as when you had to take pictures of Erica and I in a little toy house and listen to me call you mom throughout the whole store. And of course go round and round eating all the samples!

Fred and Char said...

Bottle up some of your energy now when you get to be my age you will want it. I've got pictures of Erika playing basketball with Kallee. I'm thinking I should post those..what do you think? It could be motivation or blackmail for Ericka!!

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