Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hurt So Good

If they say exercise gives you more energy doesn't that seem a little backwards? I want the energy now so that I will want to exercise, not later. And while were at it...why does it have to hurt?

In Provo at any time of day you will find someone running. Even in the wee hours of the morning and in the freezing cold. I always wondered "where are you going?" and "why are you running? Do you need a ride?" I love yoga, pilates, swimming, and hiking, but I never understood running. I just don't get it. My friend Ang is an avid runner. She has recently had to cut back and she misses it dearly. She talks about this runners high you get and the energy she feels when she does it. (Mind you she does it at 5 A.M.) So I thought, "Ang is a reliable source." Maybe I will give it a try. My stomach is feeling better so why not. This morning I left Little Miss with Erica and John and I jogged our usual walk and then some. Chest pain and the taste of blood in my throat later, I'm still not a fan. If it wasn't such a fast and free way to burn body fat I'd never run anywhere again.


Holly said...

I love running just wouldn't know it cuz I haven't done it in a few years. I don't go as long as Ang though. Every month I say I'm going to start again...but I don't.

Christa said...

Hey I'm with ya, I never understood the whole running bit either! You should try The Firm, those will tone muscles you didn't know you had, and you never have to leave the living room! Lexi even enjoys them with me from time to time :)

Anonymous said...

What on earth did you do to have the taste of blood in your throat? Surprisingly enough I like to run, you would never think so by looking at me, huh. Tell KC her Auntie M misses her. Dont feel bad, I miss you too.

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