Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Calling

Let's just be honest...some callings are more fun than others. Husband thinks his calling is the best. O.K. second best. Our friend Dave has the best calling. He's in the Sunday School presidency which means he patrols the hallway for Sunday school. Being that his wife is one of my best friends, it means I get a free hallway pass when we ditch and go gab in the parking lot.

Anyway, part of what makes John's calling so much fun is that he gets to act like a kid again. These were taken on Friday on their camp-out. They are going to go repel the slot canyons of Zion this summer so they are practicing their climbing skills. This is nearby at Mosquito Bridge.

Not sure why he's not wearing shoes. I don't even ask anymore.

Rick is one of our favorite people on the planet!

His kids are the greatest. And he's pretty O.K. too. Who would have thought you can actually really like your Home Teacher. He's become a great friend to us. I told Jonah his son, (who is 13) we wanted to adopt him. And he says "Cool. You have a dog named Annie, too." When Meghan (who just turned 11) was over one day she says, "Uh! How come you don't want to adopt me too?" :) No worries Meghan. We'll take you both.

We are really going to miss our ward when we move. I don't think I've mentioned that yet. We're not moving far. Just down the hill a bit. 7 miles closer to the Outlets and Mikuni's. Our place will be smaller, but in a better location for us. No worries though. We'll still have plenty of room for people to come and visit. (Hint, hint.) Plus we'll have a pool so the IFC will be getting a tan this summer! Little additions and the California housing market are somewhat spendy so we're buckling down for a year to prepare for the future. We're that obnoxious couple that is thrilled the housing market is falling. Some day Little Miss will need a brother or sister and I would like walls I can paint without asking permission.


Mothership said...

When will you be moving? and a pool that will be nice. is it also pet friendly? cuz ou know if the k-9 kids need a place to stay for a while I am always game :}

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

First week in May. And the place is very pet friendly. No weight limits and no restrictions. Some people hate that, but it makes for nice neighbors who like all types of pets.

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