Tuesday, April 22, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog...

Isn't that the question of the day? For those of you who blog I know you're thinking it. You think "hmmm, should I write about this? No, too boring. Should I write about that? No, too personal. Should I write about these? Guess so. So then you write. Sometimes you rant. Vent. Sometimes you rave. And sometimes you spew.

Spewage is raw unfiltered thoughts and emotions that are expelled from your fingers through the keyboard before they become a toxic buildup in your head. It can happen. Ask anyone with a husband. Actually ask their husband. If you don't let the spewage out on a regular basis the pressure builds up causing a back flow which then can cause you to lose your patience, your mind, and worst of all your temper. Many a husband have experienced the flinging of spewage at one time or another. It can cause a lot of damage.

In order to reduce the amount of spewage flung around our home, I have taken up blogging. And for the first time some of my thoughts that were previously only shared at high decibels in my own home are now sometimes posted in Cyberspace.

The reason I bring this up is because my sister-in-law recently published an apology on her blog. Apparently, she had received some flack for some of her postings. But I can't for the life of me figure out why. I looked and looked and seriously could not find a single thing that would cause someone to giver her such grief. My comment to her was "Rumors and gossip probably good to stay away from, but other than that...I say it's your blog. Write whatever you want. If people don't like what you write they don't have to read it. But don't send any of them my way because if they don't like your posts they'll think I'm the biggest wench on the planet."

And I mean that. So lets clear something up right now. This is going to be my disclaimer. This is my blog. It's not John's and it's not Little Miss' (I don't want them catching any heat from my writing.) This is where I post my thoughts, feelings, emotions, and opinions on whatever subject I find even remotely interesting enough to write about. I may at times seem hypocritical and hyper-critical. We all are. I am not always politically correct when it comes to expressing certain views. I will not intentionally attack, demean, or demoralize another person, but I may express my opinions/beliefs regarding some of their actions. I will do my best to remain accurate in the description of those actions and reference where possible. I will do my best to avoid gossip and rumors. But I will not apologize for my beliefs and opinions. If you don't like them, you do not have to read this. This is not required reading for any course anywhere on the planet. From one of my favorite movies "Now I'm not gonna sit here and blow sunshine up your ass, Lieutenant. " (Top Gun)

I was recently asked for my opinion on some writing, and true to my character I laid into the author giving my pure unaltered, unfiltered opinion. Needless to say we could not hold more differing view points on the subject matter and disagreed to our very cores. In the end, we agreed to disagree and remain polite and even friendly towards one another.

I don't expect any of you to agree with or even like everything I write. This is merely the form my spewage is taking these days. And by all means, spew away. I will not be offended so long as you show the same respect to not attack, demean, or demoralize me. I give you my full permission to comment on any of my actions or beliefs that you may or may not agree with or that you may or may not have an opinion on.

There. That should about cover it.


Mothership said...

well i love your spewage so spew away I say. I must be the most boring blogger on the planet, i got nothing dog pics and carpet cleaning wow how exciting:} How is Chevy? it was the middle of the night when I got the news that is was ill, i hope he is ok.

Crazy Me... said...


clintandnat said...

I love this new term Spewage!!! It totally describes how it feels! :)
OH... and I was just teasing about the social worker thing. :) We give my dad a lot of grief for it- but love it at the same time. His job helps us appreicate shows like MONK and movies like What About Bob. Good times. Oh and I totally agree about this POST! Thanks for saying something we were all thinking!

Anonymous said...

Amen sista!!! Guess what? Only two days until you are fortunate to have me in your presence.HAHAHA. I cant wait to see you. Love ya!!!

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