Friday, April 18, 2008

My Purple People Eater

It was a sad day as it was the last day Little Miss will wear my favorite booties in the whole world. She has officially grown out of them. I don't attach to much and I love change. If I had to leave everything behind and start over the things that mean the most to me would fit in a box. In fact it's almost time to pack that very box. It is the last out, first in box. Most people put copies of documents and other necessities they may need while the mayhem of moving settles, but not me. Mine has my Hummels, my Lladro ballerina, two very small antique pictures from my great, great grandma, a few pieces of jewelry, and the rose my Husband proposed to me with. And now the purple booties. (Sorry about the pic. It was taken a long time ago, and not with the greatest camera.)

I knit them way before Little Miss came along. They were started the very same weekend John and I decided to build our family. Ironic eh? but purely coincidental. I bought the yarn and pattern to knit during Conference a few years ago because I thought they were cute and I wanted to learn how to felt. At the time, we didn't know how Little Miss would come to us, but I held to on the booties knowing that I would have a little girl. I even packed them once and got them ready to send to someone else, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. They were for Little Miss. So I kept them. I knit some blue ones- just in case, but never finished them. Now I know they were for Floyd (who's Mama is so busy she probably doesn't even have time to read my blog. Yes, I'm talking to you Wife of Bubba.) Funny the things you get sentimental about.

Now I've bored you with nostalgia. Too bad I can't bore you with the knitty gritty details of today's purchases because today was the day for Christmas yarn! I must be the biggest sucker on the planet because one of my faithful readers has conned me into knitting the afghan I fell in love with for them for Christmas. Seeing as she is importing some fabrics for me from England I figured it was only fair.

I really wanted to go to Filati. Ooooh! Filati! 3600 square feet of nothing but yarn! Oh the texture! the color! the creativity of it all! But it is an hour's drive away. And what I needed could be found at Lofty Lou's. Lou's is not the knitting magnificence that Filati is, but they hold their own and it's not an hour's drive. So in order to conserve more project time, I opted for Lou's. This tiny little shop is in one of my favorite towns and it was a beautiful drive in that direction. They must have seen me coming because they had all of their cutest samples out. In one afternoon I have knocked out a chunk of my Christmas shopping.

I took it as a sign that the lady in the shop today fell in love with Little Miss' booties so much, she gave me a free pattern. That makes the fact that my baby is growing up way too fast a little better.

Kicking as fast as her legs will go.


Me... said...

She is getting so smiley!

Oh did you see my blog about my student? You will find it funny.... (2nd one down)

clintandnat said...

you are so TALENTED!!!! I am just amazed at all you do craft wise. Totally inspired! :)

Marney said...

She has her great grandmother's feet!! I love the idea about the box. It runs in the family on this side. I cleaned the garage and there were 3 empty boxes (wood) that were still being saved. If you run out, I know where you can get some more.
I saved the purse you made me because I don't want it stretched
We still have the Bible quilt to finish!

Holly said...

Yes! The blue ones are mine....oh, I mean Floyd's?!? Just typing the name doesn't mean that has to be the name right? And yes, I still read your blog. I love knowing what's up and I have to get my fill of your little miss somehow.

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