Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tid Bits

It's late and it's the second night in a row so trying to gather my thoughts is a little hard to manage. I'm going to have to give it up.

We went to dinner last night with friends and had a blast. The guys were on a roll and we laughed and laughed until WAY too late (or early, depending on how you look at it.) When I was in high school we had an eleven o'clock rule. Guys and girls should not hang out after eleven o'clock because girls got giggly and guys got gross. Well, some things you never grow out of. Most of the conversations should not be repeated and we all know A LOT more about each other.

My sister Jess came up for the weekend which is another reason I'm still awake and didn't have time earlier to write. She will have to go home soon so I don't get used to having a built in nanny/pack mule. It is fabulous to have a helper. She doesn't even mind doing the dirty jobs.

I have been officially banned from picking movies. My last five Netflicks choice have been total crap. Tonight while picking a movie (which only took us half an hour to decide). It was funny to overhear John and Jess go back and forth in deciding what movie to watch.

John- "Have you seen Casino Royale?"
Jess- "Yep."
John- "I look like him."

Jess-"Is is good?"
John- "Well, unfortunately it is a little slow and depressing. It is one of my favorites."

Jess-"What's it about?"
John- "It's about life. It's depressing till the end."

And on that note...I will go to bed.

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Mothership said...

They are doing great they dont really seem to mind, im sure they are like "yep mom brought home another baby."The cats are even bigger than him, He is so little and cute, cant wait to buy him a cute collar and a shirt, sweater.... you know me. Thats great that Jess came up im sure she loves being with you and well who wouldnt want to be with Little Miss? thanks for your support on my new baby.

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