Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thoughts on Love

This was also among the writing I found today...

American Literature P2, 2000

Love is a subject that never goes of style. Shakespeare and Danielle Steele both have written stories, plays, poetry, and novels about it, and people still after all this time continue to buy and read them. It appeals to everyone because everyone has either loved, or been loved and those who haven't long for it.

I hated Titanic not because it was a three hour movie but because of the love story it tried to portray. It was totally unrealistic to me. There's no way these two people fell in love in two days and had last a lifetime. It just doesn't work that way. Love comes easily but maintaining a relationship with someone you love takes work.

My favorite stories are of enduring love. I like to hear about couple that have been married for fifty, even sixty years,raised children and retire to just travel and enjoy their last years together. To me, that's what counts. It's not sex in the back of a car, but a whole lifetime shared together. Yes, everyone still reads the Harlequin romance novels, but I think in reality that's what everyone hopes for. Those are the things authors, poets, and playwrights try to describe and can't. The best thing about enduring love is that even if you don't have it right now, it could being tomorrow and last forever.

These are two couples in our family that have fifty plus years together...

Grandma and Grandpa Webb

Grandma and Grandpa Smith


Four years, nine months, 27 days...and going strong!


Crazy Me... said...

I took that adorable picture :)

Mothership said...

awesome just awesome! Ilove to hear about true love!

Fred and Char said...

my parents have been married 60 plus years. By the way I just read your blog.. no apology needed. Thanks for the inspiration.

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