Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Overdone It

I must have overdid it yesterday because it's all catching up with me today. Maybe the last few months are catching up. I'm cranky, sick to my stomach, nauseous, and have a horrendous headache. Sound like the flu to you? Thank goodness I'm not plagued by the epidemic of obnoxious foul that seems to be going around. Apparently both my sister and in-laws are suffering from cock-a-doodle-doo in the mornings thanks to some inconsiderate neighbors. Thankfully I've been spared because today I would have let Ani or Jedi bring home dinner. On the brighter side, it has been hilarious to watch Erica try and learn how to put a cloth diaper on Little Miss. I should be nicer to her and help her out rather than laugh since she did give me a Coach purse this afternoon. (Jessie, this is me trying to break the news to you gently.) I think she's trying to buy my love because she knows my favorite sister is coming into town later this week. It's no secret. Miqui is everybody's favorite.


Crazy Me... said...

you are on my list now.... now only Kensley gets books. NO BOOKS FOR YOU!

Anonymous said...

Coach? How did you get so lucky? How are you feeling, get better soon because come Saturday we are going to have so much fun. I get to see you in two days, I am so excited. love you tons. Oh the movie is Homeward Bound, the first one.

Mothership said...

Yucky I hope you feel btter soon. I left you a couple voice mails thanking you for Blinkies sweater, it fits perfectly, thank you so much its adorable. I posted some pics of him. You do such great work Thanks again!! Hope your having a good time with Erica and soon Miquela. Get Erica blogging hehehe!

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