Thursday, April 3, 2008

Watch Your Mouth

So, I thought I posted something yesterday...and this morning I checked and well..obviously it didn't work! I'm about ready to bag uploading this whole video but I was informed this morning that my blog is nice, but kind of boring without pics of the Kidlet. Oh, how nice...You go from being a fun couple to hang out with who is up to doing just about anything that sounds remotely interesting to..."hi, yeah, whatever...Where's the baby?" I knew my identity would quickly be defined as Kensley's Mom but I thought MY OWN MOTHER would pretend to show a little interest in little 'ole me. I was wrong. Can't say as I blame her though. Our kid is pretty damn cute!

I've thought that maybe we should be more modest about how absolutely adorable our child is, but have decided against it. It's not like we're taking credit for anything. We couldn't have made one this cute. But if in the future she flips you off when trying to take a picture or says damn and hell without even flinching, then yep...she got that from me. I knew I'd have to kick some of my bad habits before I was in a position to mold young minds, but I better get a jump on it. I was reminded a few weeks ago while some friends were over that you have to watch what you say in front of the wee ones.

Me (to other adults): "Have you heard about Larry Elder's new book, Stupid Black Men?"
Gasps from a six and four year old.
Me: "Oh crap! We don't say stupid do we?"

Yeah, well, we don't say crap either.

And now I have to go because I'm about to cuss out our dog Ani. I'm not sure why she thinks she needs to sit on my lap while I'm sitting on a folding chair. She's a little wound up this morning and Little Miss thinks it is funny. In order to protect her from razor sharp claws running in circles I stuck Miss in a laundry basket. (Does that make me a bad mother? I'm against play pens, but OK with laundry baskets...hmm.) She's too long for it so she's got her arms and legs straight up in the air waving and kicking while Ani acts like, well, Ani. Damn I wish I had my camera already! Oops! There I go again.


Mothership said...

You are the best! I so look forward to reading your blog and yes I check it daily. Thank you for the crafting tip I am putting it into practice. Your right this blogging is quite addictive. What fun. I hope to meet Sweet Little Miss soon. What a gorgeous child. How blessed she is to have such wonderful parents.

Fred and Char said...

I love how you post your menus! Wish I was that organized or even had that much energy. Never apologize for talking about your baby. It is fun to hear about everything. Hope to see again some day.

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