Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fashion faux pas

One of the hardest things for me to do when I converted to the Fly Lady's way of life is to get dressed first thing every morning down to my shoes. I would usually do my hair and makeup and "get ready" to go just before I went somewhere. If that was work, well then before work. If it was before going grocery shopping, so be it. Now a days there are times where I wont have anywhere at all to go. It would be very easy to stay in my comfy scrubs all day long. But I don't. I can't. I have hyped this website up so much, that now I don't have a choice but to put it into practice. Once a week though I give myself a break, usually on a day where I know Husband has meetings after work. Today was the day. And then I realized what I'd done. Total fashion faux pas. Is it okay to wear a Gap hat with an American Eagle tee shirt? Probably not. Even Little Miss looks disappointed in me.

But at least I've got my shoes on, right? A few weeks ago I read an article on "mommy wardrobes" or lack thereof. The number one practically criminal thing they said to avoid was the plastic Old Navy type flip flops. They went so far as to say the only place they belonged were at the pool or in the shower. (Which I did wear while in the dorms at the Y.) Jerks. Fine. Be that way! There's probably a reason they are 2 for $5 dollars anyway. Plus, it gave me reason to get more sandals.

Fashion tragedy or not, I kept my purple ones. But don't tell any fashion editors you may know. Next they'll be telling me to get rid of my Crocs. To that, I say, "Bite me!"


Anonymous said...

If you are in trouble with the fashion police then I am on americas most wanted by the fashion FBI. You atleast have the excuse of the cute little miss, i got nothing except... nope I still got nothing for an excuse. You would be so proud I found my blog that has been lost in cyberspace for the past six months. I am going to need to get your help when I come to see you in two weeks with how to make it all spiffy. I cant wait to see you guys, that is an adorable picture by the you all.

Me... said...

Jordan would agree with getting rid of the crocs. :)

Mothership said...

oh how cute you and Little Miss are!! super cute sandals, and I hear ya I love my crocs.
Blinkie is a huge 6 pounds.

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