Saturday, April 26, 2008

Summer Kick-Off!

To kick off the summer this year, we started with a date to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. We had a blast! My parents came up to stay with Little Miss and Miqui came with us. We had so much fun! It took me back to the days of season passes at Magic Mountain and Lagoon (which was much further back in the day). The weather was awesome and I even got started on a summer tan. Most of all, it was much needed break from everything going on this week. I missed Little Miss but she had a great time with her Gramps and Grammy. And of course we brought her home a souvenir that's bigger than she is. We had to. It's her third mes-aversary today! I'll post pics in the AM. Handsome Husband is in need of some aloe vera. He got a little carried away in the sunshine and didn't bother to tan. He went straight to sunburn.

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