Monday, April 7, 2008

A Brighter Monday

Nothing brightens a Monday like a new pair of shades! Of course we hit the Outlets today while Jess was in town and Little Miss went sporting her shades. Having the outlets close by is the real reason my sisters come to visit so often. And dang'it I left the camera at home! We couldn't believe how totally mellow she was with wearing them. I better be careful or this little girl will be asking for Coach when she's seven.

What is it about taking pictures that causes children to break out in all sorts of funky skin stuff? No joke. Not three minutes before taking these pics she broke out on her lip and cheek. This chick has the most sensitive skin ever.

She sleeps like her mommy! Completely sprawled out. Poor Papa! I see the return of the Cal-King bed in our future.


Holly said...

I know you're not gonna like this...but, I have to tell you that in those pics you posted on Sunday little cutie looks like she's gonna have red hair. I know you're not a fan, but I will have to resist kidnapping her and moving to Siberia....I love the red!!!

Mothership said...

She is so cute, and growing so fast. Looking way cool in those shades. how does she do while you shop, she seems to be so mellow. Thanks again you make my day.

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