Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Death and Taxes

The only two things you can't escape in this life.

Happy April 15th Everybody!

P.S. Wanna know why there are so many jokes about attorneys? It's because like most stereotypes, much of what is said is true. Doesn't that make you want to ask me about my day? Didn't think so. I'm going to take a nap rather than spread the love.


Byran & Diana said...

Edison had that same onesie last year.

Holly said...

she looks cuter than usual in this picture.

Christa said...

I absolutely LOVE this onesie! It made me laugh out loud :) and she has the cutest expression on her little face.

Mothership said...

I love the onsie that is so cute, well Little Miss is really what makes it. I wish I could get a ssn for my dogs :} oh and yes I agree dirt floors are the way to go!

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