Monday, April 14, 2008

Petal Bib Complete

On my to-do list this weekend was the Petal Bib from Oneskein by Leigh Radford. I used some Bernat Cottontots I had and embellished with some buttons. For those that are interested, I used 7 circulars and 5 double points. I knit almost everything on a circular needles.

Kind of a random pic, but I love the Jellies. Did you have them when you were a kid?

Ready for a close up. Me playing with the camera again. I should have had it brighter but I didn't want to wake her up.


clintandnat said...

I love jelly shoes! Yay ! I love that you knit- it just amazes me the talent that you have! :)

Mothership said...

Can I just say you never stop amazing me. everything is adorable, what a talent you are!

Fred and Char said...

Natalie was the Jelly Shoe queen!!

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