Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blogging Bugs

My sister has been patiently awaiting the return of a certain missionary serving in Mexico. It is only natural that her blogs recently (actually the entire history of her blog) have been related in some way to this certain someone. As he will be home in a matter of days now, her excitement is not only being expressed on her blog, but it is also spilling over into the comments on mine. It is so contagious she's even got me blogging now about Him. May July 16 come quickly. For her sake, and the sake of the sanity of those she lives with.

But back to what I wanted to say...The story of the first time I met Jordan. We were living up at BYU (in married housing no less- don't even get me started) and he came over with Jess.

Our conversation verbatim: (Keep in mind that this is the first time I'm meeting him, and I am the older wiser sister whose approval he is going to need. I will be the one reporting back to my parents on whether or not this kid passes.)

Me: "Hi, I'm Yannette."
Jordan: "Hi. I'm Jordan." He looks down. "I hate your shoes."
Me: (wearing bright orange Crocs)- "That's okay. You don't have to wear them."

And that was it. That was the end of it. He doesn't like my shoes. We agree to disagree. I was not offended. I don't hate him. And I still wear those shoes. We get along so well in fact that if he decides he doesn't like Jess, I've got two other sisters who are available that he can pick from. (Just kidding Jess. Don't start crying. I really like the kid. But if you decide that you don't that's okay, I can just as easily hate him.)

The point...we agree to disagree. I was not "offended". He had a different opinion on something than I did. The end.

I bring this up because it is one of the things that bugs me most about blogging. I blog. A lot. I like it. It is my therapy. It is also a hobby and a time waster. What can I say? We don't have t.v. So what bugs about blogging...

Chances are if you haven't "offended" somebody yet with your blog either you haven't been at it long, nobody reads it, or your blog is boring. Even the most benign comments can be taken and twisted and manipulated into "offending" someone. Give me a break.

Offense is not the same as being irritated, annoyed, ticked off, or even being damn pissed. Those are different. And having your feelings hurt or dismissed is also different. But people who turn and twist every little thing ever written so that they can be "offended", well- it just seriously bugs. Can't we just agree to disagree? You do not have to like my shoes.

He who takes offense when none is intended is a fool. He who takes offense when offense is intended is a bigger fool.- Confucius

There are other things about blogs that bug...(and I don't hate you if you do this and don't hate me because it bugs me.)

-Pink or orange font on a lighter background. Yes ,I know. I have this and it totally bugs me. It is hard to read, but I get that it is the only color that really matches.
- Playlists. It's a cool idea but it's not so cool when you're in a public place- say like the library or work, and someone's version of what they think is music comes blasting through the speakers that you didn't even realize were on. It bugs me even more when I'm lurking as I feed my infant and just as she's just about to close her eyes and then "BLAAAAH!" Again, someone's version of what they think is music.
- Private blogs. It's dumb, but it totally bugs. I get it if you are in the witness protection program or if you have a really, really good reason. Like a stalker- that's a good reason. Or even a job where you can't talk about certain things or want certain people to be able to find you. Again a good reason. If you want it kept private so that you can bash your in-laws or your ex- fine then go ahead. But if its just that you're so enamored with yourself that you think everyone is Googling you and your family then get over yourself, quit talking about your address, and give yourself an alias.

Now that I have officially "offended" everyone out there, I will put on my bright orange shoes and get on with my life.


Crazy Me... said...

hahaha...that was the same night you said "I think I have a tumor.

And amen to everything you said.

Anonymous said...

You are hysterical Netty! Rach & I are sitting ere cracking up. Thanks for just being who you are - its refreshing. BTW awesome pic of the three of you and the one of Jed and Little Miss - OMG! You guys are a beautiful family - postcard material.

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