Saturday, June 21, 2008

Still in a mood

Sorry. I'm still in a mood. In keeping with my ranting style of the last few days I have to tell you...I do not like Utah. Sorry. There are some fabulous people who live there, and some amazing views but I am so, so, so glad I am perceived by some as being a "California Jack-Mormon." Which is so, so, so funny to me.

Let me clarify. I love my Utah friends. I love hiking in Utah. I do not like attitudes that are sometimes found in Utah. You know... people who think that Utah is the only place that you can really live and be righteous. Attitudes that see it as God's 'chosen' country so they don't feel like they need to discuss sex- teenage and otherwise or drugs with their kids. Because that stuff NEVER happens in Utah. Ghastly thought. I hate to burst your delusional bubble but I saw more pot in a relatively small town Jr. High in Utah than I did in three years of high school in LA County. And I was considered a "good kid" with good friends. What? Smoke pot? In Utah? No way.

I will never forget sitting in a restaurant talking to a woman who I had just recently met. I can't remember the subject, but she was a friend of my Grandma's so it was probably a little out there. Somewhere along the line she asks, "Yannette, you're Mormon?"And I tell her, "I'm a card carrying member." And she responds with, "But you're so open minded." Ouch. Now do you get the attitude I'm talking about?

So when I found out about Bikini Cuts, I laughed. I was horrified, found it inappropriate and awful, disrespectful and demeaning towards women, but funny still the same. If you haven't heard- Bikini Cuts is a salon that caters to a male clientele in which the hair stylists do their jobs while wearing bikinis. As you can imagine, it has created quite the stir. They haven't been run out with pitch forks just yet. And their business is actually doing quite well. Hmmm. That's interesting. A business like that couldn't survive without its customers.

So, while I'm out here in California condemning myself to hell in 345 days a year of sunshine you might want to find out why your husband is getting his hair cut every three weeks and your teenage boy has a peaked interest in pedicures.


jennie w. said...

I'm new to your blog through Segullah.
I'm with you on the whole Utah Mormon thing. Which is why I had to get out of there. I must say I don't really miss it. i like it so much better on vacation.

Fred and Char said...

Ouch that one hurt!!

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

Char. I can't call you that, I just can't. Sis. We'll keep your last name anonymous. I'm sorry if that hurt, didn't mean you. You don't count. You fall into the category of Utahn's I love!

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