Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cousins Rock!

I don't want to show biz anyone else who will be blogging about this later today...but I got to it first. :) Little Miss has a new cousin. Born today... Little Miss-S.

Congratulations Nathaniel and Erica! We love you guys!

Technically, they aren't really related. But we all know it does not take genetics or DNA to build a family. John and Nathaniel grew up as cousins so this makes our little girls second cousins. The Niles are a family who get what friendship is all about. They have been there for two generations through thick and thin, and we are so excited to carry it on with a third.

And Hallelujah! It's a girl! But they still make very cute boys.

P.S. Move to California! You know you want to. :)

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