Friday, June 27, 2008

Understatement and my very first cable

Was describing her as the 'cutest baby in the universe' an exaggeration? Nah, didn't think so. Just ask her Papa, he'd tell you it was an understatement.

Her eyes are red because when she gets sleepy she actually balls up her fists and rubs them. So freakin' cute. His eyes are red because he works too hard.

Where am I? Taking the pic and knitting of course.

Baby Alpaca Grande Fingerless Gloves

Cast On- Last week
Finished- June 27, 08 (That's today if you're not alert and orient x4. Technically I still have to finish part of the second glove.)
Yarn- Baby Alpaca Grande Colorway 1708
Needles- Size 10 double points

It's my first basic cable rib! Sweeeet. They were going to be a Christmas present, but I sort of decided that I like them and want to keep them. I'm a brat like that. Plus fingerless gloves are perfect for still being able to attach leashes and button up jackets when it gets cold.

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Fred and Char said...

Yannette. I have dabbled with knitting and I find it to be very relaxing. Do you have any good tips about making socks? I made a Christmas sock for Clint to Match the machine knitted sock I have for Natalie. I want to start a new one for Duncan. When it gets to the bottom I get stucK. Any advice?

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