Sunday, June 29, 2008

Modest is Hottest

I seriously have to try really hard to not roll my eyes when I hear this. How many times have I heard it? A zillion? Well, ok maybe not that many, but a million at least. Did you know you can even get lip gloss with that phrase on it? Perfect for those of you suckered lucky enough to get to go to Girl's Camp. (ha,ha)

But is it important that we imprint this in the minds of young girls and all women for that matter? Personally, I think so. But I think it is easier said than done. I was not a slut, hoochie, skank or any other version of the above, but I did try and get away with wearing short shorts and tank tops in the summer. And there are times when I still wish I could get a way with it. Does that make me a sinner? I don't think so. But I do think it can lead to getting attention from the opposite sex which can get you into trouble.

I used to think 'who cares'? It's not my responsibility what the guy next to me is thinking. And then I got married. My husband and I took a class together at the local community college one summer, and here I am sitting feeling all frumpy and overdressed in jeans and a tee in the 100 plus degree weather while the girl in front of me took the time to match her thong to her tube top. I was ticked. It was then that I realized it wasn't about what the guys were thinking- it was disrespectful. It's not about whether or not a woman should have the ability/right to dress as she pleases, because obviously she does. It's about respect. Not just respecting yourself, but respecting others around you.

So, now we have a daughter. And long before she came along Handsome Husband and I talked about it. How strict are we going to be when it comes to dress? When is it okay? At what age do we enforce it? (See all the things you get to discuss when you have a few years to prepare for it?) There wasn't much of a debate about it. My husband is a stickler. Not okay. Ever. From the beginning. Not even as a baby. The end. Which is fine by me. I get to say, "What would your father say?" which gets me out of being the Enforcer and I get to buy more yarn. Yarn? What does yarn have to do with it? Well, I have to have yarn if I'm going to make her shrugs to wear with her sleeveless dresses. Like this one for the Fourth of July.

I made the pattern up myself. Lots easier than I thought it would be- after I remembered how to crochet. And even though it looks a little funky in the picture, I promise it's way cuter in person. The hanger just doesn't do it justice. Little Miss is in bed and not really in the mood to play dress up. The bow goes in her hair not on her shoulder. And yes, I put her outfits out like this a few days in advance. I'm pathetic like that. She will in no doubt roll her eyes at her wacky mother from a very young age. It will just make it easier for me to spout eye-rolling phrases like "Modest is Hottest Dearie".


Holly said...

You love "modest is hottest" especially when neglige wearing YW say it when they are at church:)

Anonymous said...

Yannette you would never believe it, Erica has a blog!!!!!! Here is her address I love Kensley's coverup it is so cute.

Fred and Char said...

I never grow tired of the saying. I also agree that modesty is about respecting yourself and womanhood. You want people to notice you and not your clothing. I just think that Heavenly Father loves his daughters so much that I don't want to offend him and that
is why I choose to dress modest because I love my Heavenly Father.

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