Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Man's Best Friend

Most people have better things to do at 4:47 AM. Like I dunno... Sleep. Well, if I have to be up (nothing to do with Little Miss) then at least half the rest of the family needs to be too. And I'm going to take pics to prove it. And you will be subjected to my reminiscing.

You couldn't blast Ani off her spot on the couch right now with a stick-o dynamite. Jedi on the other hand... Oh, my loyal and faithful Jedi. He can be counted on to spring up out of bed at the slightest hint of action. Even if that action is changing a didee. He's not picky.

Jedi is about the gentlest giant around. Kind of useless as a watchdog or so I thought. At only a few months old he demonstrated that he was very protective when it came to his mama. I was working nights and was sleeping one afternoon when I woke up to him standing over me and growling. I of course pushed him away and told him to quiet. But he didn't stop. There were people playing at the pool below our window. He knew better than that and I again told him to knock it off. I tried to go back to sleep but Jedi insisted on standing above me and continue growling. Finally I took a hint and stood up to see what was there. Sure enough a man was on our side of the fence just below my window. (Probably some meter reader). Jedi had known the difference between what people were okay and someone who was a little too close for comfort. Like many boys, nobody messes with his mama.

When Little Miss was only a few weeks old, we were on our usual morning walk. I was walking ahead and Handsome Husband had both beasts on their leashes. As we got closer to a field I could see that there was a dog off leash. His owner was close by, but that didn't stop the dog from breaking into a dead run headed straight for me. He wasn't aggressive, just a little over eager. I was dumb and not thinking and I rushed towards the dog to intimidate him and keep him away. Dumb me because I had our Miss in the sling. Never in a million years did I expect Jed's next move. As the dog got closer and I came forward Jedi crouched down. At the same moment I stepped forward Jedi jumped full force and weight on the dog scrambling and growling to get him down on the ground. I don't know who was more surprised, me or Ani. He would have laid dead in the road before anyone was going to get too close to HIS baby and HIS mama without asking HIS permission first. Much less that mangy mutt.

I had often joked that if Jedi could talk and play soccer I wouldn't need to have a son. Well, not quite. But he really is a good boy. Little Miss LOVES her puppies. She doesn't have the slightest fear of these 90 plus-pound beasts. They adore her as much as she loves them. Wonder where she gets that from? My first babysitter was a German Shepherd mix named Bucky. But I could go on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on. Not quite as long as I can go on about Little Miss and how cute/smart/beautiful/sweet/loving/happy/did I mention cute? she is, but very close. I love my pet pals. They are man's best friend. And mine and Little Miss' too.

What Puppy Love Looks Like

Geez Mom. Why do you always flash that dumb thing in my face? Do you have any idea what time it is?

Jedi! You are hogging the blanket!!!!

Random pic to prove that life really is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. Is her hair looking red to you or is just me and the fact that I haven't gotten enough sleep?


Holly said...

in those pics it does look a little red. I LOVE IT!! You know how I feel about it!!! Esp. on little girls. In person I don't think it looks red. Dangit!

Crazy Me... said...

Just a few more weeks (okay...23 days) until I get to see Little Miss!

WOOT WOOT!!! And 21...20 by the time you read this...until Jordan and I are in the same state.

PS- Little Miss wasn't mad because Jedi was hogging the blanket- she was mad because her mom hasn't taken her to come see Aunt Goose. MEAN MOM!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe how big she is, and she finally has hair! I cant wait to see her in a month or so. Those picture are adorable. Jedi looks huge next to her, heck he looks huge next to me and thats saying something. He is one big old puppy:)

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