Thursday, June 5, 2008

What's Up?

It is official. There is documentation with our daughter's full name on it. I can like our case worker again. He's such a nice guy, it's hard not to like him all the time. He's just overworked and underpaid. Unfortunately, what is a job to him is our entire life so when he is delayed, or forgets, or worse yet puts us off- I take it personally. But today he is our best friend.

We celebrated by going out for sushi (no surprise there) and going to the first of the summer's Thursday Night's Market. The Market is one of those things that sounds like it's going to be a lot more fun than it actually it is. Really, stuff like this just offers good photo ops. After only a half hour we were ready to come home and watch Disc 3 of Planet Earth. Totally awesome series. Next time I see it at Costco it's coming home with me.

So I was thinking...have you ever read something and thought, "This person is totally inside my head." That's what I thought today after reading this post. Basically its about who you/people are on their blog vs. IRL (in real life) and whether or not they are congruent. I was totally thinking about that very thing this morning. And then I thought... is what I represent on my blog as being "me" who I am in real life? The answer to myself is "I hope so." But I will leave it up to you. Some of you have known me practically forever and others of you know very intimate details of my life, so what do you think? You don't actually have to comment but I'll take a poll to find out.

We all have skeletons in our closet and things we are try to hide. I'm gonna tell you straight out- there are things I hide. If you think I bare all on the no. I just don't consider the fact that my ovaries are killing me as personal information. Maybe its the nursing thing, I don't know. My finances and marital relationship however, different story. Notice I don't talk about those much, huh? I'm not saying there is anything wrong with either one, I'm just saying that I do keep some information private.

For example...what YOU see.

What is actually there.

This was the project of the week. I've still got to do some finishing touches, but it is serving as our makeshift office since the downsize.

And the other half of the office...

I love Cyberspace. Almost as good as the public library.

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featherhead said...

Not that a piece of paper matters, I'm relieved you're on your way!!! I pitty the poor fool who'd try and take away our Little Miss.

P.S. She told me that she really wants to come see Grammy again because she had so much fun last week....

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