Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Random Thoughts

Basically I've got nothing exciting to write about. No one has ticked me off this week and I haven't discovered any new pet peeves. I must be losing my edge.

Here are some random thoughts/stuff that's been up with me and my little "Roo-baby." She's been hanging out in her sling (which is a lot like a mama kangaroo pouch) since the whole teething/cuddling thing started. And BTW, occasionally we do call her by her real name.

I woke up with this song in my head...and not to sound like a brat, but a million would not cut it. Don't get me wrong, I'd take twenty bucks over my craft budget. That's a new skein of yarn, but after taxes, a million isn't even going to buy me a house. Much less a nice Chesterfield or an ottoman. How about ten million? Tax free. Now we're talking. I'd keep the Llama and trade the Emu for a Cockatoo.

I turned the air conditioner WAY down or rather WAY up so that Little Miss can wear some of the cold weather clothes that she'll be too big for when the cold weather comes. Pathetic, I know. But you don't collect infant clothes for three years and have her not wear them.

Little Miss thinks bananas aren't any better than avocados. My dad has brainwashed her into anticipating bacon. She likes Popcicles though.

I went to the Korean Market yesterday and came home with an amazing rice cooker, some pretty painted rice bowls (which probably contain lead), and five pounds of Kimchi. It's spicy pickled cabbage and on the list of my favorite foods. I think I could eat it every day. Angela doesn't think so. She actually did eat it everyday while in Korea last year, but she hasn't known me too long. In high school I induced an allergy to citric acid by eating only grapes and nectarines for an entire summer and then in college I went for months on green beans and tuna fish for lunch. I'm not an obsessed eater. I just like what I like.

Pretty much all I got. But later today I will be watching a highly controversial movie on birthing practices in the US, reading an article on Jenny McCarthy and autism, and an article in the Ensign on "Being Sensitive to Others." One of those should get me all fired up and with something to rant about. But if I don't get back to it, I am a total supporter of spacing /delaying immunizations- just in case you were wondering.

****UPDATE**** After reading these articles and watching The Business of Being Born all I can say is two words. "Pha-nomenal." (I almost peed my pants when I watched Paula Abdul say that on American Idol.) Anyway, I will spare you the rant but #1. I totally support home birth. If you think "what's this crazy chick talking about? She's never given birth." You got me there. But I've watched/seen more births than most people. And have you ever seen a home birth? #2. I never in a million years thought I'd have anything in common with the big boobed hottie Jenny McCarthy, but I totally support the spacing/delay of immunizations. #3. The church is true, the gospel is perfect, and people in it aren't. Nothing in my perspective changed there but I loved, loved, loved this article.

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Natster said...

as I have not had any wee ones yet- tell me about spacing immunizations. I had a cousin who was "normal" at one point, got these "new" immunizations, and now is at the level of a 3 year old, can't talk, and can barely communicate. (he is 7) The only reason they can give is that he reacted with the immunizations... so I am very interested in this subject. :) Oh... what is your take on home births... why do you love them.... maybe you should post about it? :) I am asking purely out of my desire to know--- just so you know. Have the grandest of days.-nat

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