Sunday, June 22, 2008

This Week's Lesson

Going to a new ward is always fun. Yeah, not so much.

I don't want new friends. I like my old ones. I'm not the outgoing social butterfly type. I like meeting new, interesting, fun and exciting people. Not because I am. I'm totally not. But it makes up for the lack thereof. The only problem is wading through all the ones that aren't. OK, that wasn't nice. I'm sorry. Except sorry implies change. So, I'm not sorry I just have to work on keeping my mouth shut more.

I'm sure the new ward is very nice. Nothing against them, I just really, really, really loved our old ward. We actually would have moved sooner but didn't want to leave the ward. Then we thought. This is dumb. The church is true wherever you go. We need to move. So we did. Now I'm not so sure. What are the chances of me again meeting gals like the 'old ward'? They don't think I've completely gone off my rocker when I ask them which celebrity couple they would want to swing with. Without even missing a beat they reply with "Brangelina." Oh how I will miss ditching Sunday School to gab in the parking lot! I know we sound like a bunch of irreverent teenagers, but honestly we aren't. Some of my most faith promoting "buck up- you can get through this" talks have been in the parking lot.

I was relieved though after my Relief Society President came to visit me this week and welcomed me to the ward. This is what she said straight out..."I've only been the Relief Society President for a month, but I want you to know my feelings on it. Relief Society is not for cliques. It is for everyone. I don't care if you are single, married, with our without children, working, in school whatever. Relief Society is where we help build each other's testimonies and faith in Christ no matter where we are at in life." I immediately liked her. Guess that means I will be making a regular appearance at Relief Society. What would it take to get me to read the lesson ahead of time?

Speaking of lessons. I don't know how it came up but my sister (who happens to be single and have hair like Catherine Zeta Jones), told me this week that when there is a sale at Victoria's Secret she and another single friend go and buy lingerie. Apparently they've got quite the supply packed away in plastic bins with the tags still on. You know... for the future. They actually call it their 'food storage'. Interesting perspective on prepare every needful thing.”

Mom- if you read this, you've raised a bunch of hooligans. We might ditch class and twist certain doctrines to feed our shopping habits, but we would never, no NEVER run in the chapel. Promise.


martib said...

Your parents taught me that Del Taco is the place to be during Sunday School, unfortunatly we dont have those here so I have to go to SS--aunt marti

Holly said...

I chuckeled at that one. The things you say about your sisters remind me of mine:) I must say that is a very creative way to prepare for marriage someday:) Except then you'll realize there's no point to the lingerie. You're in it for 2.2 seconds and then you think...I just spent how much on that?

Crazy Me... said...

haha. Thats right- I take things seriously. The whole "be prepared" thing I got it covered. ;)

Won't it be a shock to my poor little missionary when he finally comes home and reads you blog. WAHAHA!!!

[AlisaR] said...

Hilarious post. I can relate on so many levels.

Casey said...

Hi! I love your blog...I can relate to so many of your posts (scary?)! I still miss my "old ward" 7 years later! How pathetic am I? I mean MOVE ON already!

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