Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm sure everyone in my family will post wedding pictures at some point. I'm going to tell you what really happened.

Jess was finishing a research paper until way too late the night before (She graduates with her Master's next month.)

Because of that she woke up 45min. late and needed help curling her hair. We curled her hair FOUR times that day. Jordan even had to take a turn.

My mom did an awesome job on the flowers. They're fake. Bet you wouldn't have guessed.

Jess got her dress at D.I. three years ago. She's been friends with Hillary for longer than that.

Scrunch barfed in my shoe on the way out the door.

Weddings are kind of boring.

There's a song about being your own Grandpa. But what about being your twin?

Dad is a snob.

We're still a bunch of dorks. Married or not.

Whose the bigger dork?

Miqui is every body's favorite. Used to be. Now Scrunch is.

I hate cake and I still ate three pieces of this one. It was that good. Looked pretty too.

Congratulations Jess! We love you.


Marti said...

Thanks for the pix. We are kind of bummed we couldn't be there. John had a look on his face like Dale has at these type of events.

Crazy Me... said...

Thanks Netty. I love you too!

northslopegang said...

Loved all the pictures. congrats on getting the judges signature. Always good to have that out of the way. They video taped the proceedings for Blake, do they do that in CA too? Happy wedding to your sis. You looked beautiful as always!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yannette! I thought you loved me, how could you post that horrible picture of me on your blog?

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that Ercia stole the pack 'n' play from the hotel.

needlenut said...

What a fun fun day. It was a very special day and was fun from start to finish. I think we were all a little tired at the end of the day but it was a good tired. Jess was a beautiful bride and Jordan a handsome groom.

Byran & Diana said...

Where did Jess get married?

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

Oakland LDS temple.

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