Monday, November 3, 2008

When there is a will, there is a way.

Things gave way all right.

All domesticity had to give way this weekend in order for me to get this far. Does that look like the back and right side of a sweater? Yes. I believe it does.

The house, the laundry, even blogging (gasp), shamefully even the cat box was ditched for "just one more row." I did put it down for few hours while we went to a special fireside on adoption. Totally worthwhile, but I sent my husband daggers when he invited Holly and Brad in afterwards for root beer floats. He didn't get the hint when I gasped, and they were subjected to my house. We've been living on leftovers and root beer floats for three days. The pangs of domestic neglect got me out of bed early this morning and in my guilt I did the dishes and grocery shopping by 7 am. I even thought about exercising, but decided against it. I am going to have some killer muscles in my wrists and thumbs. Don't mind the root beer butt, my hands are ripped.


Casey said...

LOL! Root beer Butt! Don't know why that sounds so funny today, but it does!

Holly said...

Oh please! Your house was nothing compared to mine...and you have seen it at its worst. I've decided I don't even care. And you what? Groccery shopping and cleaning before 7am? You're killing me!! I was snoring still!!

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