Saturday, November 22, 2008

Does God care about football?

Who is lighting candles for the football Gods?

All I know is that my Husband has added it to his prayers, FOR LIKE THE LAST THREE DAYS!

I'm thinking I should wear purple. Purple for a nice blend of Blue and Red. Just to irritate. Cuz I'm wicked like that.

If you're righteous you'll wear Blue.

It's a big day in College football.

Does anyone care? Yes. No? Maybe so?


Casey said...

We're wearing blue, and God is smiling!

Marti said...

I care and if God cares he will let BYU win!!

needlenut said...

Of course I will be wearing blue but I won't listen or watch the game because lately it makes my blood pressure go sky high.

northslopegang said...

I'm wearing my true blue BYU shirt. Go Cougars!!!!!! Hey there are plenty of BYU fans in heaven cheering today!

Anonymous said...

I am actually wearing black but I am going to wear red lipstick. I am hoping that the blue team won't win. I guess I am not vey righteous and am a bad mormon...OH WELL:)

Crazy Me... said...

Shoot, I graduated from the Y (in home ec no less. How much more byu can you get?) I should be cheering for the blue... but, I'm not. GO RED!!!!!!!!!!

mousemovie said...

Funny how only my girls are cheering for the red. Maybe I have been a bad influence after all...... nah!!

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