Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My kid is going to be in a Gap commercial!

And be rich. And famous. We'll buy a big house back in the old ward. And an Escalade. Well, maybe not an Escalade. I don't like Escalades. But I don't hate you if you do. I just think you could have better taste. And husband will buy me her a pony. And a pot-belly pig. We'll take pictures of those too, and make it an even bigger challenge to get everyone to look at the camera besides just Ani and Jed.

OK. Not really.

But I think she could be.

She made us look good and Scrunch cuter than usual. As if that were possible.

This woman has talent. She's the one whose gonna be rich and famous.


Marti said...

Those pictures are amazing!! Beautiful family Yannette.

needlenut said...

Your sweater is great and the pictures are fantastic.

Casey said...

LOVE the pics! You so had me thinking you had WON the Gap thing!!! Faked me out! Again!

Virge said...

You tricked me too!

THANKS Yannette! You just made my day
Actually my year. ^_^. Glad you like the pix.

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