Friday, November 14, 2008

A new level of productivity.

I've wanted a nap since the minute I woke up this morning. And I wasn't alone. Scrunch went right back to bed after chowing down. Peace out, my child! But, I really couldn't justify a nap first thing Friday morning. Yeah, yeah. Since when do I need a justification?

The next best thing has been lazying around in my scrubs and cruising the Internet. It's almost been productive.

Favors for a party have been planned.

Christmas for Gramps decided upon. I so wanted to do this, but when the first line said cast on 227 stitches I said, "Peace out!" for the second time this morning. Maybe next year.

Peace out is my new phrase of the week.

Planned cheap-0 menus into the middle of next year.

Ordered the pattern for Scrunch's Thanksgiving outfit.

And told myself that if I'm a very VERY good girl and get all my Christmas projects done, I will cast this on Jan 1 just for me.

I thought about ordering my groceries on-line, but delivery isn't available until next Thurs. Drats! It looks like I'm going to have to change out of these scrubs after all and drag myself to the grocery store.

Peace out!


needlenut said...

Wow, you are ambitious to attempt that sweater. That's a lot of changing yarn.

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

I'm going to do it in two colors.

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