Thursday, November 13, 2008

Learn to keep yer yap shut!

I hear myself say, "I would love to donate a quilt top for a the Humanitarian Project." While in my head I'm saying, "Shut up Yannette! Shut UP! SHUT UP!" I have a habit of opening my yap on a regular basis. And along with unsolicited free advice on everything and anything, I also volunteer myself for projects for the sake of having a project to work on.

My mom had leftovers from a quilt she made, so she sent them to me. I used the leftovers to cut out a picnic quilt for us, and then the leftovers of the leftovers were used to make this. If it wasn't fabric, as a general rule I would NOT recommend reconstituting left overs that many times. Yuck. See? Free advice.

I think I'll use the leftovers of the leftover leftovers to make a doll quilt for Scrunch. Everyone should have a cozy quilt so bright it's blinding. But it'll be super cute when the border is on and it's tied with bright yellow yarn. It's flannel and husbands old jeans-making it super cozy.

They wanted a quilt top to tie; they got one. It's for a good cause... blah, blah, blah.

I don't really mind. I'm just mad because I want to keep it.

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Marti said...

I love the colors. I'd want to keep it too!!

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