Saturday, November 1, 2008

Me and My Big Ideas

I often leave the following message. "Hey, it's me! I have an idea. Call me."

My sisters. Mom. Friends. Husband. (Dad, have I ever left you that message? I think I have.)

Anyone could this message from me. And you never really know what it's going to be about. Sometimes they are good ideas, sometimes great, and sometimes not so great.

These are some of my ideas lately. Not listed in order of brilliance.
  • I thought we'd do our civic duty and hand out 'Yes on 8' door hangers. I should have known it would start pouring. I don't think there's been this much rain around here since The Flood.
  • I thought I'd plan out our weekly menus beforehand except that I only wrote down a page number. I know that Roasted Potato and Tuna Salad is on page 35. But no idea which book I got it out of. Yes, I have more than one cookbook. Don't fall off your chair.
  • I thought I'd grow my hair out. Uh, no. I have an appt. to hack it back on Thursday.
  • I thought I'd make our birthmom a necklace for National Adoption Day. (Nov. 15) Which was a good idea, but I only made it so far as to make mine. Likey?
  • I thought I'd do my Christmas shopping the day after Halloween. I'd rather pay extra than go anywhere the day after Thanksgiving. Good plan, except when I got home I realized no one on my list was crossed off. Well, one person. The same person whose Christmas shopping I did last month. Spoiled? My child? Bite me. I did however discover the most comfortable shoes EVER!
  • I thought I'd knit myself a sweater for family pictures. And I've frogged the stupid thing three times! In nine days this HAS to look like a sweater. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.
  • In a moment of brilliance I taught my daughter how to stick her tongue out. Way to go Mom! Yeah. How long do you suppose this is going to be cute?

Tomorrow I am going to play with making fondant flowers for cupcakes. It's an OCH (Official Church Holiday). I decided that Stake Conference with a nine month old who has discovered both standing and wagging her tongue at everyone and anything in the same week is cruel and unusual punishment.

You all need to start answering your phones. Maybe I'd have more great ideas than not so great ones if I could run them by someone first.

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Anonymous said...

I guess daughter like mother when it comes to sticking out the tongue. Gramps: Good luck trying to take a picture of either one of them at jessi's wedding without having one of them not sticking their tongue out.

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