Friday, November 21, 2008

Some things I thought about while I cleaned the house yesterday.

1. This bites.

2. Shouldn't Scrunch's daily habit of dumping out the dogs bowl of water and me wiping it up count as mopping?

3. Is Holly working today? I want to call and bug her.

4. What day is it anyway? I only know when I go to work.

5. I bet the maracas I bought at Target yesterday were painted with lead paint.

6. Why are the dollar toys her favorite toys? I mean cool, but I've spent some dough already on Christmas. I should take it all back and go to the Dollar Tree.

7. We should have pizza again tonight for dinner.

8. Nope. Sushi.

9. Is is time for dinner?

10. I've got to remember to blog this.

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