Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Almost famous.

There is a certain name on a tag in the back of I'd guess at least 85% of my clothes. I love it. Always have. Their pants fit me, and their t-shirts are cheap. So when I heard about their casting call, of course I'm going to sign my kid up. Can you say "free trip and a gift card"? I feel a little weird/guilty about pimping my kid out so if you'd do it too, I'd feel a lot better.

I thought it was a good idea. Little Miss on the other hand is not so sure. Lately she wants nothing to do with the camera unless I let her hold it. The concept of brand loyalty and F-R-E-E stuff doesn't mean much at this age. Maybe it's better that way.


Holly said...

she is soo very cute!! love the attituuude!!

Casey said...

Not only do I relate to your desire to share your babies cute face and also gain some cool free stuff...I just might join you! And if you just enter online, officially that is NOT pimping...you gain that title once you start to drag her to auditions all over the place when she should be playing and napping instead! Ooohh...hope I don't offend any stage mom's! LOL!

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