Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tag. No Touch backs.

Oh, yes. Another tag. I'll do it because I'm not getting off my chair the rest of the day so I might as well.

7 Things to do before I die

See my bucket list.

7 Things I do now (as in like today?)

1. Knit bellbottoms
2. Sew Halloween costumes
3. Read The Chili Queen
4. Hike
5. Blog
6. Watch John bathe the dogs.
7. Go to the RS Broadcast. John is making me and they are serving dinner, so why not?

7 Things I can't do (as in like today or EVER)

1. Dive into a swimming pool
2. Sing with an audience
3. Play the accordion. Do you know anyone who can?
4. There's the whole pregnant thing which is a little annoying.
5. Hike another mile. I think my husband is trying to kill me. We went hiking (again) this morning and I can't walk. Thankfully neither can the dogs and Little Miss is exhausted. You thought I was kidding when I said I wasn't getting out of my chair.
6. Beat my husband at chess.
7. Rollerblade backwards.

7 Things that Attract me to the Opposite Sex

1. Latissimus dorsi. It's the muscle in their back. So hot!
2. An accent.
3. Patience is a virtue.
4. You gotta make me laugh. And not just haha, but seriously laugh till I can't breathe or pee my pants.
5. Goatees. The only reason Husband hasn't shaved his off a long time ago.
6. Tattoos and tongue rings. Twisted I know. How I ended up with my totally clean cut straight laced goodie goody is a mystery even to me, so I guess that is attractive too.
7. Marry a nerd. They make good husbands. Smarts and decent employment are very attractive.

7 Celebrities that I Like

1. Angelina Jolie
2. Gerard Butler (Talk about Latissimus dorsi!)
3. Bronco Mendenhall
4. Daniel Craig
5. Sally Field
6. Julia Roberts
7. Harrison Ford

7 Favorite Foods

1. Bul gogi
2. Fried chicken (But only when my dad makes it.)
3. Mashed Potatoes
4. Sushi
5. Moosetracks
6. Chow mein noodles
7. Grilled mushrooms and asparagus

7 People who need to do this.

If you're bored today you need to do this. And if you're checking my blog in the middle of a Saturday then you count as bored.


Natster said...

Did you like the broadcast? I loved Elder Uchtdorf.
My uncle plays the accordian. When I lived with them for a summer I would wake up to him playing. He actually goes into a trance like stance as he sways back and forth playing it...

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

Nat, how cool is that?! :) Elder Uchtdorf was awesome.

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