Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm just Good-for-nothin' Mom.

Does this look like the face of a traitor? Oh, yes. Yes it does.

When I went to get Little Miss up the other morning to say Good Morning and snuggle, Husband came in right behind me. And before I could even get my hug she squirmed around in my arms and reached up to be picked up by Papa. I was crushed. Then later that day she decides she doesn't need me after all and decides to hold her own bottle. Excuuuuse me? The last straw came yesterday when for the first time in two weeks I went to work. So who decides to crawl? Not like I haven't been working with her, encouraging her, or cleaning the nastiest of diapers. I even wash the stupid things. Does that count for nothing?

Little Miss Traitor.

Is it because he can grow facial hair? Cuz I could totally pull off a slight mustache.

I'll show them.

I'm going to cheer for the Utes.


Casey said...

Oh the dagger to the heart! I can so sympathize! But kids are fickle (especially girls), so she'll come back around to your side....I don't think you need to do anything as DRASTIC as cheering for the utes! UGH!

Holly said...

Oh lawdy! we've said since day one that she's gonna give you a run for your money....looks like its just begun!

featherhead said...

I miss those cute little cheeks... are you sure she wasn't saying, "Mom, take me back to Grami's. I had soooo much fun there!!"

Crazy Me... said...

She is too cute for words!

Anonymous said...

The second picture of little miss is the best I think. She has grown so much in the past month it breaks my heart to think how big she will be in two months, the next time I get to see her.

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