Friday, September 12, 2008

She gets it from her mom and a little anxiety.

We hear "You have your mommy's eyes." at the post office, the grocery store, the library. And we just smile and bat our eyelashes, because yeah she probably does- I've still got mine.

This is her "" look. This little chick has the personality of a honest to goodness DIVA in her little body. Discipline with a straight face is going to be one of my greatest challenges.

She's a sweetie and is very easy going, but this child knows exactly what she wants when she wants it. Wonder where she got that from? Maybe both of us.

But this she totally gets from me. Who gives their kid crinkle paper, ribbon spool, and hot glue gun stick to play with? That would be me. I'm over in the corner working on a project that I am not at liberty to discuss. And yeah she's still in her pajamas and I'm in my nasty old gray sweats because the creative crafting juices started flowing before I got to doing anything productive today.

I'm on a deadline. Didn't you know Christmas is around the corner? I didn't. Until I went to Micheal's last night and now I'm feeling behind. What happened to Halloween and Thanksgiving? Did I miss something?

Little Miss hasn't even had a chance to wear her skull and corduroy outfit we made, and they're trying to cram Christmas down my throat. Now I feel like I need to get a move on. I may wear my gray sweat pants till New Years, but then we've got Easter to plan as well.


Take a chill pill before doing any shopping for the next four months or you'll come home all worked up and in a tizzy that the "The holidays are coming!" "The holidays are coming!"


Anonymous said...

How is the crawling going?

Casey said...

I love the halloween outfit! you're very talented! thanks for the heads up...i think I'll avoid all retail establishments. I can't stand to face Christmas this early!

Erica said...

I have just had confirmation from two other people that the cutest baby in the world looks like me...Damn shes lucky!! ;)

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