Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This could be my last and final post ever...

But only if I get eaten by a bear on our hiking trip. There are bets going around on whether or not we come home earlier because we can't stand to be away from Little Miss for two days. Any takers?

Just a couple of things before we head out-

If something happens to me, please don't let my dogs end up in the pound. There should be enough life insurance to support them to the lifestyle they've become accustomed to.

Somebody, for the love! Keep my kid off the pole and off of Cops.

Oh, and Milo...Happy Birthday you little bugger. I can't believe you waited until I was out of cell phone range to show up. Now I'll be the last to know.


Holly said...

Knowing this kid and our luck he won't be here til Sat.!!! You'll be back in cell phone range by then right?

Shara Libby said...

well that would be a shame since i only yesterday even made one of these freakin things! how are you guys!? your daughter is super cute! i'm so jealous! lol i want a girl! =)

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