Monday, September 29, 2008

What I'm Knitting

You don't care? Well, I'm doing laundry and washing diapers today so unless you'd like a visual of those activities you're stuck with what I'm knitting.

I was doing so well on Christmas projects. I have it figured out that if I complete one project a week I'll be done the first week of December. But I was side tracked by a little trip up the hill to a great little yarn shop. I was on a mission for sock yarn and came back with yarn for bell bottoms for Little Miss. Personally, I think every child should own a pair of hand knit bell bottoms. They are a necessity. Right Husband?

He says, "Yes Dear. Anything to keep you and my Little Miss happy." Now that she is saying "Papapapapapapa" when he gets home- he's toast. I'm going to start getting her to ask for things. Little Miss can you say Knit Picks, Lantern Moon, or how about handspun?

Could you say no to this? Pleeeeeease!?!

Soon we will work on "What does an alpaca say? What does a Merino say? and what does an Angora say?"

Ok. I'm about ready to admit I have a problem. A big yarn problem.

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Casey said...

Can't say I've ever seen a pair of knit bell bottoms of course i had to check them out...and OH so super cute! almost makes me want to knit some! actually not almost, I really want to learn... but WHEN could I squeeze that one in? i'd have to give up blogging...

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