Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nature! Eeew! Get if off of me.

Pictures of our hiking trips the last few weeks to follow. If you're not the outdoorsy type I suggest you go elsewhere. It's Sunday. Read the Ensign.

Look who's off leash and being a good girl! No one was more surprised than me, but she was a really, really good girl.

Princess Ani doesn't know she's a Coonhound. She should be ultimate outdoor dog but no one told her that. She refuses to lay in the dirt. Running through the bushes is a real sacrifice for her and if it's raining- forget it. Jed on the other hand...

Remember what it was like to be young and dumb? It kind of backfired though. They got kicked out of the drive-thru without food. In N Out is not somewhere I'd want to blacklisted from.

Random pic of how nice the drive was.

Yosemite Trip

I did wash my clothes between both outings, but yeah I'm wearing the same thing on both trips. Just noticed. Weird.

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